quinta-feira, 22 de outubro de 2009


Group: High School Musical
Song: Breaking free

A- Complete os espaços com as palavras abaixo:

fate - everyone - separate - Heaven- everyone - believe – ocean- different – souls – time – coming - can be - need

1- Boy: We're soaring, flying. There's not a star in__________________, That we can't reach
2- Girl: If we're trying, So we're breaking free
3- Boy: You know the world can see us , In a way that's_________________ than who we are
4- Girl: Creating space between us , ‘til we're __________________________ hearts
5- Boy & girl :But your faith, it gives me strength, Strength to_________________________...


6- We're breaking free
7- We're soaring, flying
8- There's not a star in heaven
9- That we can't reach
10- If we're trying, yeah we're breaking free
11- we are breaking free

12- Boy: Can you feel it building ? Like a wave the _______________________ just can't control
13- Girl: Connected by a felling . Oooh, In our very ___________________________
14- Boy & girl :Rising 'til lift us up , So ________________________________ can see...


15- Girl :Running
16- Boy: Climbing
17- Boy & girl :To get to the ___________________________place, To be all that we can be
18- Boy: Now’s the ______________time , So we're breaking free, More than hope, More than faith
19- Girl: This is truth, This is ___________________________
20- Boy & girl: And together, We see it ______________________________
21- Boy: More than you, More than me
22- Girl: Not a want, but a ___________________, Both of us breaking free, soaring, Flying
23- Boy & girl: There’s not a star in heaven, That we can't reach , If we're trying,
24- So we're breaking free
25- Running, Climbing
26- Boy; girl: To get to the place, To be all the we __________________________
27- Now's the time, So we're breaking free
28- Boy & girl :You know the world can see us
29- In the way that's different than who we are

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